Ideal Protein Diet

Tame your cravings with us!

The Ideal Protein Cellular Nutrition plan was developed by an award winning physician in nutrition, sports medicine and biology to secure muscle mass in high-performance athletes. This unique concept enhances fat burning and muscle preservation by stabilizing the pancreas and blood sugar levels to promote fast & long-term weight loss. Unlike many other diets, this scientifically proven weight loss plan uses distinct controlled nutritional protein supplements along with proper diet and exercise to take weight off the natural way… and keep it off.

What to Expect?

  • Improved energy and reduced cravings after day 4
  • Dramatic improvement in blood sugar levels in the first week
  • Progressive satisfaction as you begin to look & feel healthier
  • Significant weight loss while maintaining and improving muscle tone
  • Complete the 4-Phase Ideal Protein Nutritional supplement plan combined with a balanced diet and watch the pounds fall away quickly.
  • Upon completion of the 4-phase Ideal weight loss plan, simply maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise to sustain your target weight for life.


How it works?

  1. The pancreas is responsible for regulating and stabilizing blood sugar levels.
  2. American diets include processed foods and refined sugars which are converted into fat  by the Pancreas making it work overtime while adding weight and making you feel run down.
  3. Replace processed foods with specially formulated Ideal Protein Nutritional supplements combined with a more healthy diet.
  4. Complete the four phases of the Ideal plan to gradually wean the body of the supplement packs while losing weight and building muscle.
  5. Replace the typical processed food diet with a healthy and natural balanced diet to keep the weight off.
  6. Experience higher energy levels while maintaining your target weight… for life!