This blog entry will be short. Cellulite.

The most hated thing in the world.

Who doesn’t know the cellulite? 

It may appear on the skin of not only those women who are struggling with slight overweight or serious obesity, but also relatively slim women who pay attention to a balanced diet and frequent physical activity on a daily basis.

Diet, lots of water, sports help but sometimes we still need a little help from the outside. I checked out two treatments at Ageless Medspa by Dr. Sypien, M.D.: TriPollar/Radio Frequency and Z Wave. Kasia was incredibly precise and delicate. 

TriPollar/Radio Frequency

TriPollar/Radio Frequency was a pleasant treatment. The procedure works by using radio-frequency to heat the skin (104.3 ℉). This causes collagen to shrink, allowing skin to tighten and smooth. At the same time, your body naturally produces new collagen. Newly produced collagen fills in those wrinkles and dimples caused by cellulite and makes skin look and feel younger and healthier. For sagging skin on the face and other areas, TriPollar/Radio Frequency can give them a tighter appearance.

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Z Wave - the other secret machine

The Z Wave unit transmits powerful sound waves into and through the skin. The energy is delivered via an electromagnetic applicator, then spreads out radially. (Picture the gentle radial waves generated when dropping a pebble into a still pond.) This radial energy enhances the treatment effect to improve the tone, texture, and appearance of the cellulite. The body parts most prone to cellulite are buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and arms.

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Cellulite treatments are a good solution, especially for advanced changes. Also to support the work of a diet and exercises. In order to fully enjoy the results, you have to follow two simple rules. First of all, be patient. The effects are not visible immediately. Unfortunately one treatment won’t be enough. The second rule: choose trustworthy spa.

TriPollar/Radio-Frequency Prices

Butt & Thighs (back) - $400 single treatment, $ 1900 package of 6
Thighs (front or back) - $300 single treatment or $1500 package of 6
Stomach - $300 single treatment or $1500 package of 6

Z Wave Prices

$590 = 10 x small area
$990 = 10 x big area