My HydraFacial MD at Ageless Medspa by Dr. Sypien, M.D.

I have stopped thinking about my pores at the age of 19, when my mild acne vanished. I’ve been really enjoying not doing anything special to my face most of my adult life. Now being 40 I feel like the time has come to take a little care of my my skin.

What happened a month ago?

I’ve been noticing bumps on my forehead and my skin got grayer and drier, probably due to the weather. Despite of my attempts to keep my skin moisturized, I couldn’t keep up with it anymore. I still trust my daily skin care routine as it has always worked for me in the past. So I figured I needed to add something extra to my regimen.

I decided to try HydraFacial MD.

What is HydraFacial MD? In a nutshell, it’s exfoliation, debris removal from my pores using painless suction and rehydrating. Here is the link where you find out more details about the process itself.

How did HydraFacial MD work for me (mixed combination of dry and oily skin)?

Right after HydraFacial MD, the skin became reddish, but the redness vanished quickly. However, no major improvement was to be seen at that time. (A common mistake is touching the skin after treatment to check if the skin looks better. Don’t touch your skin!!!) During the first two days I noticed that my blackheads were gone, but I haven’t noticed any major change. Possibly some of my eye wrinkles got smoother. During these days I applied my standard daily skin care routine.

The third day was a total breakthrough.

“Taking-care-of-my skin” daily routine started working again! And that was exactly my goal. I am not a “quick solutions” believer. I trust that the health of my skin is a mixture of my awareness with the knowledge found at Ageless Medspa by Dr. Sypien, M.D. So please, if you previously abandoned thinking about your pores, begin now.

Most importantly, HydraFacial MD passed my personal high-standard test! Check out my driest sections: the cheeks and cheekbones. I was able to hydrate them again! The dry patches and clogged pores have vanished. Indeed, the wrinkles around my eyes got smaller.

(During HydraFacial MD collagen production increases due to suction. Collagen is the key to a plump and vibrant skin. Have any of you seen a collagen in real life? I haven’t seen it but I certainly saw sebum pulled out of my pores and trust me, it was not a that little. I fell in love with my skin again.


HydraFacial MD is a great foundation for your home skin care regimen. It is as important as your healthy diet, good night sleep, and regular exercise. And it’s not just about looking youthful. It’s about maintaining the health of your skin for years to come.

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