Facial HA filler at Ageless MedSpa – How I Reversed Years in Just Minutes

In the last few weeks, it seemed to me that I was losing a little part of myself. Each time I looked in the mirror, the fine lines and wrinkles would look more pronounced. Putting on makeup didn’t restore that glow I’d always had.

That’s when I heard of Ageless MedSpa and the amazing HA filler injection procedure.

I spent some time talking about all possible products available on the market and how to choose a fix to address my problem.

I revealed my concerns about how I didn’t want to transform my face into someone I didn’t really recognize.

That’s when Dr. Sypien started to explain how HA Filler works!

Did you know that your skin remains soft, youthful, and line-free because of natural elements like Hyaluronic Acid? That’s right. Your body produces and keeps your skin and face looking young. At some point, the skin produces less of HA. And, that’s when you see those tiny imperfections. Restylane is all about replacing the lost HA so that you erase the years and get back awesome-looking skin.

The process is almost painless and done in minutes!

After a quick application of a numbing gel, Dr. Sypien started working on my skin. Using an extremely fine needle, she injected tiny amounts of HA into the problem spots. I’d talked about the fine lines that made me self-conscious - around my lips, crow’s feet at the end of my eyes, laugh lines, around the contours of my jaw. Those are the areas Dr. Sypien now targeted.

All I felt were tiny pinpricks.

The procedure took about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. I could only feel these tiny pinpricks and after each shot, Dr. Sypien dabbed my skin with cooling pads. I also asked for special attention for the lines and hollowness that have been appearing below my eyes. And, for my lips that seem to be somewhat thinner than before.

When I was all done, my skin felt just a little warm to the touch. A quick look in the mirror showed that my skin was flushed, just as it looks after a facial. But, Dr. Sypien explained that these effects would wear off quickly.
She advised me to let my skin breathe, keep it clean (no makeup) and protect from the sun.

The next few days brought exciting changes. I felt like I had reversed years in minutes.

How do I feel? I feel prettier and I feel like I can laugh all I want and still look beautiful. My lips look softer, more generous. Last night, I put on my favorite lipstick and I loved the way the vibrant color looked and felt against my skin. In the next few days after the procedure, it felt like my skin was taking on this amazing new glow. And, in a week’s time, I could hardly recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror.

I am beautiful, sexy, and confident. I love the new me!

Would you like to know more about how Restylane and other HA tissue fillers work? I’ll share my secret. Visit Ageless MedSpa or contact Dr. Sypien by clicking on this link: https://agelessmedspa.net/contact/

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