Dysport® Treatments in Chicago

An excellent alternative to BOTOX® injections, Dysport® is the latest technology approved by the FDA to dramatically improve the skins appearance.

Dysport® injection treatments are very similar to BOTOX® therapy, as both products utilize a derived protein to relax the targeted muscles that create wrinkles and fine lines. The Dysport® protein is slightly smaller so it provides the desired result a bit quicker than BOTOX®. Dysport® injections are administered in the same manner as BOTOX® injections and our experienced professionals will consult you as to which procedure is best for your particular skin type and problem areas

Dysport® injections are a cost effective alternative to BOTOX® therapy and in some cases can provide longer lasting benefits depending on the desired results. The Dysport® procedure involves the use of fine micro injections directly to the problem area, creating muscle relaxant to treat facial frowns, wrinkles and fine lines. Dr. Sypien, MD feels that Dysport® is very effective on relatively new facial lines.

"The overdone look just isn’t me. That’s why I fight frown lines with Dysport." - Holly, Dysport® patient


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